The District of Columbia government requires a comprehensive range of GIS data and photogrammetric mapping to support a wide variety of applications through the DC GIS program. Due to technology advances, expanding user base needs, and aging data, DC GIS acquired new LIDAR data in spring 2015 to establish a more thorough and better quality core LIDAR dataset The LiDAR data products are suitable for 1 foot (or less) contour generation.Intensity images generated from the RPC data for the DC OCTO 2015 LiDAR project covering approximately 80 square miles, in which its extents cover Arlington County in Washington DC. Intensity is a measure, collected for every point, of the return strength of the laser pulse that generated the point. It is based, in part, on the reflectivity of the object struck by the laser pulse. This project consists of deliverables in accordance with USGS v1.2 specifications and meets or exceeds the level of quality for QL1 (8 points per meter).

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